Custom Freeze Branding Iron

Height 19.00 (in)
Width 8.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
Maximum file size is: 4999KB

Custom designs are any design that is other than a single standard character such as A,B,C,1,2,3. All Freeze brands are made of solid brass designed for freeze branding.  Please note that the material used in our freeze brand is not designed to withstand the heat required to "HOT" brand an animal. If you require both a Freeze brand as well as a Hot brand, you have the option to purchase one of each or you can use a Stainless Steel brand to accomplish both types of branding.


  • Ships in 10-14 Business Days

Product Reviews

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Freeze brand
Written by Tyler Bosier on Jan 12th 2023

Very responsive. I ordered my brand the wrong size. They took the time to call me and educate me on correct sizing. They could have easily just sent what I ordered which would have been wrong then charged for another one. Instead they helped me design the correct brand I would be happy with. Highly recommend this outfit.

New iron
Written by donna on May 3rd 2022

They are excellent with customer service and speedy delivery.