What size should I make my branding iron?

First of all, if you are in a state or providence that requires you to have a certain size brand then you will have to abide by the laws of your local brand office. If you have an option to change sizes that will be useful depending upon your branding needs. Typically, the size of the brand is determined by the age of the animals you are branding, location of your brand on the animal and also the brand design itself. All must be taken into consideration when ordering a brand. Remember, that a brand will grow as the animal grows.

What type of brand should I use to brand my animals?

The type of brand used is determined by your needs. If you are looking to identify your animals in a timely, effective and inexpensive manner, then an Electric brand may work the best for you. If you want to identify your pleasure or workhorses or even dogs, you may want to go to a Freeze branding iron. This type of brand when done properly, will turn the effected hair white or colorless in the shape of your brand. This process is more time consuming and costly then the others, however because the brand design will standout and be easily seen, it has become the choice for many horse people around the world. Of course we continue to offer a complete line of fire heated branding irons for use where power is not available.

Where do I get the coolant for Freeze branding?

With freeze branding you will need to cool the irons down to a temperature that will allow you to achieve a clean consistent brand. The coolants that are used to perform this task are either liquid nitrogen or dry ice and alcohol. You should be able to pickup the coolants at any welding supply company or artificial inseminators carry the liquid nitrogen for use in storage of their semen.

How long does it take to get a branding iron made?

The length of time to produce a branding iron depends upon the type of brand you require. On average, an Electric brand takes 1-2 weeks to produce, the same can be said for a Stainless Steel Fire brand. When ordering a Freeze brand, because of the process that they go through to be made they may take approximately 1-2 weeks to manufacture. If you need an iron on a certain date we will do are best to see that you needs are met.

Can you repair an electric branding iron?

Yes, all electric brands can be repaired. In a worst-case scenario, the element would have to be replaced and the cost to do so would be $115.00 plus return shipping. A small savings compared to a new iron.Please use this form when returning an iron for an estimate or repair.

Can a brand be changed once it has been manufactured?

Yes, however this is not a desirable option. Minor changes can sometimes be made to an electric iron but Freeze and Fire irons cannot be modified without completely remanufacturing the iron.

Is it possible to make a new iron like and existing iron without sending in a drawing?

Yes, if you have an existing L-H Branding iron, all that we require to make another brand is the serial number on the handle of the iron. We have kept drawings of all the electric brands that we have manufactured from the very first one. Simply write down the serial number from your iron, give us a call or fill out our online order form and we can duplicate the iron for you. If you wish to change the size or design of the brand we can do it at this time.

Can I choose the wattage of my electric branding iron?

No, The wattage on an electric brand is determined by how much element is needed to make the iron, thus, the larger and more complicated the iron is the higher the wattage is going to be. Please remember that wattage alone does not determine how hot a branding iron will get.

I feel a shock when I brand my animals, why is this happening?

As with any electrical appliance, there is a chance of electrical shock if the iron is not properly cared for or the iron is not used on a circuit that is properly grounded. If the iron should fail during use and your circuits are all grounded, the chance of an accident happening are very slim. If you have noticed the animal acting differently or you feel a shock when branding, discontinue use of the iron. Always use a 3 wire grounded circuit.

How do I pay for the iron?

We currently accept personal checks in advance or you can put your purchase on a credit card. For web orders we do accept either pay pal or credit cards.

Why isn't my electric branding iron heating at all?

There may be several reasons that your iron is not heating. First, check to see that your connections are secure and that your electrical plugs are in good order. Check to see if the iron will heat when plugged into another outlet. If the iron continues not to heat up, the problem maybe in the element of the branding iron. You will need to take the iron to an electrician or send the iron to us for diagnosis and repair.

Why isn't my iron heating hot enough to produce a clear brand?

The problem is one of two things. First, the power supply you are using is inadequate. Using extension cords that are not large enough in gauge to allow for the distance that you are away from your power supply pole could cause this. The longer the distance, the large gauge of extension cord that is needed. See cord length chart. Secondly, the element in the iron is shorting out and causing the iron to not heat properly.

Can others repair my electric iron?

No, we have only one manufacturing facility that is equipped to make and repair electric branding irons.