​Livestock Brand Samples

Brands are one of the most interesting tools used by livestock people. Each brand is by necessity different than all the others and often conveys the character of the owner.

Brands are recorded by state livestock agencies in many states. In some states freeze brands are not valid on cattle. The agencies also record the location you place the brand on the animal. You may not register a particular brand if the same symbols and location have already been registered by someone else in your area. It is important, not only to register a brand correctly, but to keep it active. Like most registrations, brand registrations do expire. Go to your state's brand registration office and ask to see the listing of already registered brands. This will give you some ideas, as well as show you what's no longer available. The brand registration officer will help you in the design process. Choose letters, numbers, or symbols to create your brand.

Below we have samples of brands that we have done for thousands of customers. If you are interested in having a branding iron made and need help creating a brand, we are happy to help and can contact us.